jojo soriano

art director, photographer, videographer, realtor, scuba diver

2011 Last Year, Jojo plunged the depths of Monterey Bay with 7 mil. wet suit and acquired his PADI Open Water Scuba certification. He has since gone diving in the Florida Keys, the Carribean, Cozumel Mexico, and plans are on their way to a dive spot in Bali Indonesia for 2012. He's a member of the NCRD (Northern California Rainbow Divers) and last year, the group participated with the Diving for Life's 20th year anniversary which raised $90,000 towards health organizations who give aid to LGBT communities!

Dec. 2011, Jojo launched the DELICIOUS Project at the Hercules Senior Center which turned the seniors into Chefs. He also helped organized the Hercules Community Holiday Tree Lighting Festival last Dec. 15, 2011.

In October 15th, Jojo collaborated with over 60 documentary filmmakers across the USA to document the OCCUPY Wall Street, to make the 99 Percent Film - a two-year project involving lots of creatives and filmmakers throughout the nation.

2010 Jojo Soriano organized the Candlelight Vigil at the Market Hall in Hercules when a killing spree left 5 people dead, 3 of which were members of his community. Along with city officials and members of the Fil-Ams of Hercules, Jojo orchestrated the vigil attended by family members of the victims and community members.

2009 SEEDesign produced a short media/film JOIN US about the devastation of the Typhoon Ondong in the Philippines - as part of the City of Hercules & Fil-Ams of Hercules' effort to raise funds towards the typhoon victims in the Philippines and local programs for seniors and our youth, during the New Year's Eve grand celebration.

Click here to watch JOIN US movie promo.

2009 SEEDesign co-sponsored a city-wide 21 DAYS OF FITNESS with the new fitness center, Hercules Fitness in Hercules. Marketing and promotional pieces were created to promote the event which raised funds towards the Hercules Education Foundation.

2008 Jojo Soriano, Owner & President of SEEDesign received the Citizen of the Year award presented by the Hercules Chamber of Commerce, City of Hercules, Senator Tom Torlakson, Congressman George Miller, Contra Costa County Supervisor and Assemblyman Mark De Saulnier for his community involvement in the City of Hercules. Jojo organized the local farmers market in Hercules, founded the BNI Chapter of Hercules - the Dynamic Referral Group and the Hercules Chamber Ambassadors' group. He currently sits on the Hercules Chamber Board as director and serves as PRO of the Fil-Ams of Hercules.

2007 SEEDesign co-sponsored a city-wide fund-raiser for Teen Youth Council of Hercules in partnership with Fil-Ams of Hercules and the City of Hercules for local youth projects during the New Year's Eve Grand Celebration.

2006 Commended by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Senator Tom Torlakson for SEEDesign's creation of days after August 28, 2005's Hurricane Katrina. The site (though no longer active) was a portal for lost family members to reunite.

2006–2010 Jojo Soriano was appointed as Community Services & Library Commissioner by the city council members of the City of Hercules

2001 SEEDesign designed UNITED WE STAND T-shirts in response to the 911 tragedy. Proceeds from the sale of the shirts were donated to the American Red Cross.


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